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New Blog Coming soon…

The DFJ Automotive Blog Updated Weekly Join Us Here to Find Out More About Our Fast Growing Business and Our Industry Narrative by Francis Watson

Welcome to the DFJ Automotive Blog. Here at DFJ we are known for our specialist work on starter motors and alternators.

Our Business

It’s official! Finally, the new DFJ Automotive blog is coming soon. This will include featured narratives written by our very own managing director, Fran Watson.

Here you will receive updates regarding our business, the industry we work in and the products we sell. Here at DFJ we specialise in heavy duty starter motors, heavy duty alternators, winches and much more.

Our Website

Our website is available to search for all our products. Here you can find out more about our business too.

On our website, you can find products supplied by companies such as

Mahle .

If branded products aren’t what you’re looking for we have similar affordable products too.

Moreover, our website is free and easy to surf, as it is accessible and doesn’t specifically require any log-ins to browse or purchase products.

By clicking on the link below, you can quickly get to our homepage where you can begin your product search.

Why Should I Read the New Blog?

Occasionally, Fran will be providing readers with segments and columns where he can give light-hearted, useful and informative advice and knowledge surrounding heavy duty starter motors, heavy duty alternators, our other products (such as winches and solenoids) and the DFJ Automotive business.

New narratives from Fran can be expected fortnightly as we plan to provide readers with helpful insights that can benefit anyone within the automotive business.

Fran has worked in the industry for … years which proves his expertise is never something to doubt!

Don’t be the one to miss out and make sure you visit our website and blog frequently to ensure that you don’t miss any updates or new articles from DFJ’s new blog.

Please keep an eye out for all new content and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any enquiries!