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OEM Heavy-Duty Alternators

DFJ has been supplying an extensive range of new, reconditioned and original equipment (OEM) heavy-duty alternators for over 25 years. We have over 50 years of management experience at OEM level manufacturing heavy-duty starter motors and alternators. The main markets served cover trucks, buses, industrial engines, gas engines, plant, military and marine. We are proud of our OEM heritage and enjoy the support of number OEM manufacturers including Bosch, C.E. Niehoff, Delco Remy, Denso, Iskra, Mahle, Prestolite and Mitsubishi.

DFJ can supply 12, 24 and 48 volt alternators up to 450 amps output. Other options include internal fan and brushless variants. If you require new, reconditioned or original equipment (OEM) we would be pleased to hear your requirements. DFJ also offer a contract remanufacturing service for clients who may be looking to outsource remanufactured product.
Our extensive reconditioning facilities offer high volume alternator production with wheel abrator cleaning, shot blasting and vaqua blasting all on-site. Our sub-assembly testing includes the latest Transpo diode and regulator testers.
The reconditioned alternators are rebuilt to the highest standards. They are completely stripped with new bearing, seals and bushes as standard and plated parts throughout, our stringent process control ensure every part is inspected and tested.
We are independent importers of alternators form round the world which ensure are prices are always competitive.
Our testing procedure fully tests alternators and produces a computerised report from the latest TMA Initek alternator tester which includes speed output, voltage output and current output.
DFJ can remanufacture old historic alternators for obsolete engines as well as supplying the latest LIN (Local Interconnect Network) and BSS (bit synchronous single wire) alternators protocols.
DFJ is accredited with ISO9001-2015 quality standards. We are pleased to receive your enquiry no matter how large or small. Enquiries are welcome from all over the world and we currently export to 120 countries throughout the world.
Thanks for reading about our alternator. We look forward to hearing from you!