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Kubota was first established in 1890 in Osaka Japan as a foundry and built its first kerosene engine in 1922.

The current Kubota engines produced begin with a single cylinder engine going to two, three, four, five and six cylinder diesel. Gas, duel fueled, liquid petroleum gas, air cooled and diesel engines are supplied. Kubota is renowned mainly for its small diesel engines but the largest diesel engine it produces is 7.5 litres in size.

The Kubota engines come supplied with a range of starter motors and alternators depending on the application of the engine.

Kubota fit both 12 volt starter motor and 24 volt starter motors to their engines.

Starter motors for Kubota engines include:

12 and 24 volt starter motors

Direct drive starter motors

Permanent magnet planetary gear starter motors

Permanent magnet offset gear reduction starter motors

Kubota supply starter motors engine for agricultural tractors, plant machines, marine, refrigeration, ground care and wheel loaders. DFJ can supply both new and reconditioned starter motors for Kubota diesel and petrol engines and can also upgrade existing product.